General Terms and Conditions

The contract concerning the organisation of a guided tour / guided tours including ancillary services is concluded under the following conditions:

  1. These contractual terms and conditions shall apply if this has been agreed in detail between the contracting parties.
  2. If no separate or deviating regulation has been agreed, a customary local guided tour at a customary local fee shall be deemed to have been agreed. In Vienna or for Viennese tourist guides, the customary local fee is deemed to be the fee usually charged by Viennese tourist guides, which is published annually by the Association of Certified Viennese Tourist Guides in the course of its survey of its members.
  3. The client does not have to pay the guide a cancellation fee if the cancellation is made in writing at least 14 days (received by the guide) before the tour date. If the client cancels between 14 and 3 days before the agreed tour date, half of the agreed tour fee must be paid as a cancellation fee. If the client cancels less than 3 days before the agreed tour date, the full agreed fee must be paid. The day of cancellation and the agreed tour date count towards the deadline. The cancellation fees stated here are flat-rate penalties that must be paid regardless of fault or damage incurred. The cancellation fee must be paid separately for each individual cancelled tour.
  4. Waiting times: If the customer is late, the guide is obliged to wait for the customer for 30 minutes at the agreed meeting point. The customer is obliged to wait 15 minutes for the guide. The waiting time is included in the duration of the tour.
  5. Prevention: In the event of unavoidable unavailability, the tour guide undertakes to provide an equally qualified and authorised replacement. The client must be informed of this as soon as possible.
  6. Payment shall be made in cash after performance of the service or immediately after invoicing without deduction.
  7. Sound and film recordings during the guided tours are prohibited!

The commercially self-employed tourist guide practises a regulated trade. The legal basis is § 94 Z 21 in conjunction with § 108 Gewerbeordnung GewO.

Tourist guides provide a demanding proof of qualification by passing a qualification examination at the Chamber of Commerce.

The tourist guide trade may only be practised after successful business registration.The trade authority is the district administrative authority responsible for the location of the business.

This is the district administrative authority or, in the case of towns with their own statutes, the municipal authority.

With the trade licence, the tourist guide acquires membership of the Chamber of Commerce on the basis of the Chamber of Commerce Act.